czwartek, 5 kwietnia 2012

Game of Thrones Dragon's Easter Egg DIY

If you are Game of Thrones (GOT) fan you will probably want to do this Easter egg by yourself :) My pictures don't show the real effect of the Dragon's Egg but believe me, it looks great. We've got Easter tradition that we knock our eggs and whose shell will break - loses. This year I'm sure I'm going to win!

Recipe is simple:
1. We take a hard-boiled egg
2. Cut the pins so that they are only the heads.
3. Stick a pin into the egg using hot-glue starting from the narrower end. Adjust them as tightly.
4. I have no artistic skills so won't advise any more, except that I would rather not eat this egg :)

This recipe shows how to make Easter egg looking like Dragon Egg from Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones Easter