czwartek, 19 czerwca 2014

2nd team in the group according to Fifa World Cup 2014 rules

How Fifa decides which team has a 2nd place in the group? What are the rules during the World Cup Brasil 2014? These questions probably are very popular right now in England. Do they have theoretical chance to get out of the group phase in Brasil? Let's check out the rules:
1. More points team has higher in the ranking it stands.
2. If there is a tie than we count the goal difference
3. If there is still a tie then we count the number of scored goals.
4. If this doesn't help we check the direct game between teams
5. The last method is lottery :)
In case of England, after they have lost to Urugway there is only chance in points 2 and 3. Let's be honest: this is very small chance. We need to wait for the next games.
England qualify to the knockout phase

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